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Enjoy talks from leading dive explorers...

At TEKCamp, we pride ourselves on securing a fabulous line up of speakers that represent some of the most knowledgeable experts and explorers in the diving industry. Whatever your interest, TEKCamp offers a packed schedule of talks to inform, challenge and inspire...

At TEKCamp 2013, we were pleased to welcome a number of leading speakers to the event. Each and every day, TEKCamp attendees enjoyed a number of fascinating talks covering a diverse range of subjects ranging from decompression theory and kit configuration to deep wreck discovery and cutting-edge cave exploration. Read on to discover what you missed...


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Hosted by Rick Stanton MBE & John Volanthen

Ever wondered what it takes to be a cave diver? We've got FOUR of the biggest names in cave exploration lined up to give TEKCamp attendees an insight into what it's really like to be a cave explorer. You'll learn all about cutting-edge cave exploration from world-record holding cave divers Rick Stanton MBE and John Volanthen. Rick & John will be ably assisted by IANTD UK Training Director Phil Short and Duncan Price from the Cave Diving Group (CDG).

Our intrepid group are promising something just a little bit different from your usual cave talk, though - they plan to get TEKCamp 2013 attendees actively involved! TEKCamp attendees will get a taster of what it's really like to be a cave diver during a series of tasks designed to mimic the sort of challenges that cave divers like Rick and John face all the time during cutting-edge cave expeditions. From a simulated cave 'rescue' to lugging gear through an obstacle course, it promises to be challenging and fun.

We don't want to give too much away, though - suffice to say that it's going to be *alot* of fun! Those of you not too keen on confined need not worry too much - all the activities will take place on land so you'll stay safe and dry throughout. Still not quite sure what to make of it? Think It's A Knockout meets James Cameron's Sanctum and you won't be far off! Don't forget to pack your wellies, though - you may need them!


Rick Stanton MBE is regarded as one of the world's leading cave explorers and has been exploring caves for almost 30 years.

Rick is a genuine explorer and uses practical technology to explore vast and remote regions of flooded underwater cave throughout Europe. He has developed and manufactured two closed circuit rebreather units - most recently a unique side mount, fully closed circuit rebreather which has been instrumental in his achieving cave diving depth records around the world.


For over 15 years, John Volanthen has been at the very cutting edge of dry and flooded cave exploration worldwide.

John jointly holds the British cave diving depth record (Wookey Hole) and was also a leading member of the team that holds the World record for the longest cave diving penetration - 5.5 miles underwater. When a notable French cave diver failed to surface from the Dragonierre de Gaud in Autumn 2010, John was one of two british divers flown to the Ardeche to attempt the rescue.

Presented by Phil Short

Ever-popular rebreather cave expert Phil Short will be headlining Tuesday evening. If Phil's previous talks are anything to go by, this one is sure to be packed with seat-of-your-pants anecdotes and humour!

We're pleased to confirm that TEKCamp stalwart Phil Short will be exclusively revealing details from his Antikythera Wreck Project. This exciting project set out to uncover new secrets of an ancient Roman shipwreck famed for yielding a sophisticated astronomical calculator believed to be the world's first ever computer!

The islands around Greece are a history story laid out across thousands of years and the sea bed around the island of Crete is littered with remains from across history. IANTD UK Training Director Phil Short travelled to the island of Antikythera between Crete and Kythera with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and Greek archeologists to survey the wreck site where the 'Antikythera Mechanism' - the world's first computer - was first discovered. Phil's talk will reveal the team's ongoing activities, finds and recoveries.


Phil Short has been a dive industry professional for over 20 years, during which time he has logged over 6000 dives with over 3000 hours on Closed Circuit Rebreathers.

As an educator Phil has trained scientific groups, including US National Parks Service, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the Archeologists of the Chinese National Museum in Beijing. Search and Rescue Teams, such as the UK Police Strathclyde Underwater Search team, and Media teams from the BBC.

Phil currently acts as a Dive Industry consultant for manufacturers such as VR Technology Ltd, Fourth Element, and is Training Director for IANTD UK.

Presented by Kevin Gurr

Dive industry legend and rebreather pioneer Kevin Gurr will be returning to TEKCamp to give attendees the benefit of his considerable experience and expertise.

Kevin will be giving TEKCamp attendees a fascinating insight into what it's like to work on TV projects around the world. Most recently, Kevin has been working alongside TV celebrity Monty Halls on a series of programmes for Channel 5. Kevin, Monty and the team have travelled around the world visiting some of the most fascinating diving locations on the planet - from the Great Lakes of America to the mysterious Yonaguni monument in Japan.

Kevin will be discussing the challenges of working on such an ambitious television project. If you've ever wondered what it's really like to work as a diver on a TV production, this is one talk you won't want to miss!


Kevin Gurr has been involved with Technical Diving since its' inception in Europe. As well as being the first technical diving instructor outside the USA, he has led and been a part of many expeditions; the first sport dives on the RMS Britannic (the sister ship of the Titanic) in 1997, treasure hunting in the Pacific (and several other locations Worldwide), film making and a dive on the Titanic in the MIR submarines to name a few.

As an engineer and diver, Kevin has developed several ground breaking products for the diving industry from trimix computers to cutting edge rebreathers. Kevin lives in Dorset, England with wife Mandy, daughters Leyla and Amberlee, Neo the black Labrador and various motorcycles.

Presented by Lamar Hires

We're honoured to announce that Lamar Hires, founder of Dive Rite and longstanding diving pioneer will be topping the bill as our keynote speaker at TEKCamp 2013. Lamar has spent over twenty five years exploring and surveying the extensive underwater cave systems near his home in north central Florida.

As one of the pioneers of sidemount diving, Lamar will be treating TEKCamp attendees to a fascinating talk charting the history and evolution of sidemount diving from its humble beginnings to its widespread use today in both cave and open water environment. TEKCamp attendees will discover the thought processes that went into the evolution of the system and why sidemount is such a neccessary tool for exploring some of the inaccessible cave systems.

If you've ever wondered what sidemount has to offer and whether sidemount it is for you, there is no person better placed to answer your questions than Lamar Hires.


Lamar is known for his expertise in sidemount diving. He developed the very first training guidelines for sidemounting and has taught many of today's well-known sidemount divers.

Underwater exploration, education and conservation are a passion that has led Lamar all over the world. He has mapped and explored cave systems from the rugged mountains of Japan to the remote jungles of the Dominican Republic. Lamar is a true diving pioneer!

Kick back and enjoy the TEKCamp wrap party!

Friday night is party night to mark the end of a full-on, fabulous week of diving at TEKCamp. The instructing team will be in attendance, giving you the perfect opportunity to rub shoulders and chat with some of the biggest names in diving. Got a burning question that you're itching to put to our diving gurus, want to chat about further training or perhaps you simply want to know which one of them has the most tattoos? This is your chance to put them on the spot in a less formal setting :-)

This year's TEKCamp party will take on a truly Caribbean feel with a banquet of Jerk chicken, rice & peas and coleslaw laid on by our friends at the Cayman Islands Dept of Tourism. To get you in the Caribbean spirit, enjoy a complimentary shot of Seven Fathoms rum as steel pan music fills the air with Caribbean rhythms.

The theme for Friday night is definitely fun so let your hair down and enjoy the 'wrap party' for what promises to be another superb week of diving at TEKCamp.

Following on from the success of last year's event, we'll also be giving away some seriously cool prizes to TEKCamp attendees! Every attendee will be automatically entered into the draw and additional tickets will be on sale if you fancy increasing your chances of winning.