• TEKCamp 2021 has been CANCELLED - Click for MORE INFO
  • TEKCamp 2021 has been CANCELLED - Click for MORE INFO

Your fast-track to tech success!

Starting in tech can be confusing for even the most switched-on diver. Which agency is best for me? Which instructor best suits my style of diving? Is a rebreather right for me? And what equipment will I need? At TEKCamp , you'll get the answers you need...

Even if you're not looking to go down the tech route, TEKCamp offers a unique opportunity to improve your diving skills and increase your in-water confidence under the direct guidance of the industry's foremost technical instructors. Buoyancy control need work? Finning technique less than efficient? Wish you could pop up a DSMB mid-water without losing control? At TEKCamp, we'll help you to master these skills and so much more...


Anything and everything tech in one place!

Whether you're looking to become a technical diver or simply interested in improving your personal diving, TEKCamp is an unmissable opportunity to take your diving to the next level!

Regardless of your experience level, our talented team of top technical diving instructors will help you to achieve your diving goals - from pin-point buoyancy control and streamlined trim to greater confidence and in water ability, TEKCamp will make you a more capable, more confident and far safer diver!

There are a lot of myths in diving - particularly in technical diving - but TEKCamp is here to demystify them all. TEKCamp gives you the opportunity to dive multiple configurations and routes - including closed circuit rebreathers, sidemount and manifolded twinsets - opening up the potential of these configurations to give you an informed understanding of their unique pros and cons.

Attending TEKCamp is a leap of faith but there is nothing quite like it anywhere. We're confident that by the end of the event, your diving will be transformed - you'll be a safer, more capable and far more confident diver. Whether you're completely new to technical diving or an experienced technical diver looking to expand your diving horizons, TEKCamp is an event not to be missed...

Last but not least, TEKCamp is a fantastic opportunity to meet and rub shoulders with like-minded divers who share your sense of adventure and desire to improve!

Whatever your experience, TEKCamp is for you!

TEKCamp suits divers of all levels - from recreational divers simply wishing to become safer and more confident divers to hardcore, experienced open and closed circuit rebreather divers wishing to take the next big step into expedition-level diving.

All our instructors remember their first shutdowns and sidemount bungee twangs - if you're just starting to explore entry level tech, then these top-of-the-line dive educators will get you started in the best way possible. It's perceptive and bespoke training to give you the best platform for your diving ambitions.

For established tech divers they can safely distil a flavour of the most challenging exploration dives into an educational session. Want a glimpse into the world of cutting edge cave diving? We have sessions for that. Wondering how to move up to managing long multigas deco? Step this way.

Your tech career starts here
You don't need to be a tech diver to attend TEKCamp - infact, you don't even need to own tech gear! Thanks to Apeks UK, our 'discovery' pathway lets would-be tech divers discover the tech route that best suits them. You'll get to try both a twinset and a sidemount system and then choose which configuration you'd like to use for the rest of TEKCamp at no extra charge! Later in the week, you'll also get to try dive a closed circuit rebreather.

Our instructors remember what it was like to take your first steps in tech diving. All our 'foundational' workshops are designed to suit divers with no previous tech experience and will be tailored to your abilities.

Develop your tech diving
For divers who already have some experience of tech training or are simply experienced twinset divers, we offer a range of workshops designed to develop your existing skills and give you a raft of new skills that will allow you to take your diving to the next level. Working with you to develop a route that best suits your style of diving, our team of experienced instructors will help you to realise your tech ambitions.

TEKCamp is open to both open circuit (twinset or sidemount) and closed circuit rebreather divers. Our workshops can be tailored to your chosen configuration. For rebreather divers, we offer a number of rebreather specific training options.

Skills for tech explorers
When we say that our instructors are the very best, we really do mean it - most are industry leaders, training directors and, above all, diving explorers in their own right. They have quite literally 'been there and done it'. For experienced technical divers, we offer a range of workshops that tackle the more complex and cutting-edge aspects of technical diving.

These workshops offer the opportunity to learn skills that are simply not available anywhere else, taught by explorers who have used these skills on real diving expeditions! From rigging an underwater habitat to cave survey, complex navigation and deco stations, TEKCamp has it all!

Sign up for TEKCamp and we'll loan you tech kit!
Start your journey to the tech side with all kit provided courtesy of the good folk at Apeks UK.

Want to make the jump to technical diving but don't own your own gear? Thanks to Apeks UK, you don't need to - Apeks will loan you a full set of twinset or sidemount gear to use throughout TEKCamp week FREE OF CHARGE! All you need to bring is your drysuit, fins and mask and we'll sort out the rest.

You'll get to try both configurations and then choose which one you'd like to use for the rest of TEKCamp - there's never been a better way to discover your pathway to tech success! Spaces are very limited and we've only got six full sets of gear available so if you want to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, book now to avoid disappointment.

TEKCamp is for rebreather divers too!
TEKCamp isn't just for divers on open circuit gear - we offer a TEKCamp program just for rebreather divers too! Whether you're an experienced rebreather diver or still getting to grips with your unit, TEKCamp offers a unique opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced and knowledgeable rebreather instructors and instructor trainers in the world!

Our team of TEKCamp rebreather instructors are at the very cutting edge of rebreather training and actively use rebreathers within their own exploration-level diving projects. We accept most makes and models of closed circuit rebreather at TEKCamp - all we ask is that your unit is CE-APPROVED and the unit's O2 bottle is IN TEST & O2 CLEAN. If in doubt, call us on 01373 814666.

Under their expert guidance, we'll help you to not only master your unit but also work towards higher level rebreather training. Whether's it's MOD2, MOD3 or Expedition-level rebreather diving, TEKCamp will give you the perfect opportunity to really get to grips with your unit. Naturally you'll get to have some fun too - scootering on a rebreather is an experience not to be missed!

What you'll get out of attending TEKCamp

Attending TEKCamp is a leap of faith but there is nothing quite like it. We're confident that by the end of the event, your diving will be transformed - you'll be a safer, more capable and far more confident diver armed with the knowledge and understanding required to take your diving forward.

TEKCamp offers divers like you the opportunity to progress your diving in leaps and bounds. As well as a whole raft of new and razor-sharp dive skills, the one thing you'll take away from TEKCamp is confidence - confidence in your own skills and confidence in your ability to deal with whatever you may encounter. Regardless of your level of experience, four solid days of coaching at TEKCamp under the guidance of some of the UK's most experienced technical instructors will transform your diving.

Whatever path your diving takes you, TEKCamp will give you direction and the knowledge you need to make informed choices on where to take your diving. Not sure what training agency best suits your style of learning? Looking for an instructor you really 'click' with? Interested in cave diving but worried that it might not be for you? Are rebreathers right for you? You'll find the answers to all these questions at TEKCamp!

Last but not least, TEKCamp is also a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded divers who share your sense of adventure and desire to improve. Many of the divers who have attended a past TEKCamp event have stayed in touch and regularly organise dive trips and expeditions suitable for TEKCamp divers of all levels.

All these reasons and more to attend TEKCamp !

Build your inwater confidence and fine tune your skills in dive workshops designed to challenge you to the max!

Dive with world class explorers and leading tech instructors in a stress free and relaxed environment

Not sure what tech training agency best suits you? TEKCamp is your opportunity to put all the leading agencies to the test!

Try dive a closed circuit rebreather, a high performance tech scooter and sidemount dive gear for yourself

Meet, chat and even share a beer with some of the biggest names in technical diving in a relaxed social setting

Packed schedule of talks delivered by the dive explorers covering everything from cave exploration to deep wrecks

Looking for a network of like-minded divers? Meet, dive and network with divers that share your passion for diving

Learn all about the world of bubble-free diving and even try one for yourself! You'll never want to go back...

Our workshops will teach you exploration-grade skills you won't learn anywhere else delivered by genuine explorers!

Choose between 2, 3 or 4 day packages. With so many great opportunities, TEKCamp represents superb value for money.