• TEKCamp 2021 has been CANCELLED - Click for MORE INFO
  • TEKCamp 2021 has been CANCELLED - Click for MORE INFO

Workshops to challenge and improve

Our coaching workshops cover a diverse range of dive skills - from DSMB deployment and controlled ascents to line laying and stage bottle management.

Each and every one of our diving workshops is designed to not only improve your personal diving but may also open up a whole new area of diving, giving you the tools to expand your confidence and diving opportunities.

All our instructors remember their first shutdowns and sidemount bungee twangs - if you're just starting to explore entry level tech, then these educators can provide a focus on what will get you started in the best way possible. It's perceptive and bespoke training to give you the best platform for all any diving ambitions.

For established tech divers they can safely distil a flavour of the most challenging exploration dives into an educational session. Want a glimpse into the world of cutting edge cave diving? We have sessions for that. Wondering how to move up to managing long multigas deco? Step this way.

Workshops for those just getting started...
The bedrock of tech diving
Gas management is fundamental to breathing and staying alive. This session polishes shutdown technique to ensure your rig is optimised and those life saving shutdowns are as smooth as possible. From adjusting your harness to tweaking cylinder bands and re routing hoses, you'll discover that the simplest of adjustments can reap massive rewards, including streamlining and better gas consumption.

Learn efficient finning
Do you cut through the water like a barracuda or are you more akin to an asthmatic hippo? This three hour skills workshop will help you to perfect your finning - a critical skill in technical diving as every inefficient stroke is burning up precious gas and energy. You'll learn how to manoeuvre effortlessly through the water and even discover the secrets of back finning techniques from the best in the business.

Surface like a pro!
Any fool can sink to the bottom of the sea - it's getting back safely that takes skill! this session builds on your current skills to increase proficiency with DSMB and buoyancy. Can you 'pop up a bag' mid water with no visual reference? At TekCamp, we'll get this sorted before moving up to refining gas switches and then the serious stage juggling sessions.

Build on your new diving foundation
Underwater troubleshooting
We all make mistakes but it's how you deal with them that makes all the difference. Learn how to cope when things go wrong underwater and how to avoid getting it wrong in the first place. You'll learn how to identify potential failures and the correct course of action to get you and your buddy safely back to the surface. Become a more self sufficient diver, capable of looking after yourself and helping others!

The secret art revealed!
You don't need to be a cave diver to benefit from proficient line laying skills. A mixture of land based and in water workshops will teach you the secrets of how to lay line correctly and safely. Learn when and why you should lay lines, correct line marking protocols and how to avoid tying yourself in knots! This is a must for any budding wreck or cave diver.

Surface in style!
Safely ascending to the surface may seem like a simple task but few can do it in a controlled and effortless manner without the aid of a shot line. This class focuses on this essential tech skill that is a must for all tech divers. You'll learn how to ascend safely at the correct speed for each dive phase, effortless SMB deployment, how to hold stops and learn techniques to make ascents easier and safer.
Be a team player!
Team members aren't just pretty faces - they're crucial resources. A team should always be more than the sum of it's parts, which means developing team drills and skills to avoid, or deal with the the worst diving can throw at you. TEKCamp instructors have lead teams into the most challenging environments - they'll help you build your team diving skills to ensure safety, task achievement and enjoyment in exceptional situations.

Could you rescue your buddy?
Most divers have undertaken some form of rescue training but the switch to tech gear brings with it a raft of additional challenges. Just how do you rescue a diver in a twinset or rebreather? What do you do if stops are required, how do you maintain control? A serious topic, but a really fun class. An essential workshop for any budding technical diver who takes safety seriously - don't miss this one!

Bottle juggling fun
Once you dive beyond the limits of recreational diving, carrying side slung stage and decompression cylinders becomes essential to ensure effective 'clean' decompression. But what cylinders should you use? How do you rig them? And where to you carry them? A fun and challenging workshop, you'll learn correct gas switching protocols and how to effectively manage and share your stages underwater when things go wrong.

Take your tech diving to the next level!
Cutting-edge problem solving
These workshops present 'Apollo 13' style challenges to proficient tech divers. Based on real multipart challenges in advanced diving, they encourage solid preparation, high end skills, pin sharp mental strength and intuitive underwater problem solving. You'll be guided along your learning curve by safely by top end instructors with a eye for a spicy failures with less than straightforward solutions.

Never get lost again!
The next level in line management. Add jumps, cookies, arrows and teamwork to your basic skills, then the lights go out with a blackout mask. Can you navigate your team successfully back to the start? The watchful eyes of a TekCamp instructor and safety diver will be on your every finstroke, but you'll be the one working hard to make sense of the route by touch. A great session for those who don't feel sufficiently pushed...

Deep deco made easy
New in 2015, this session focuses on the configuration of a deco station for team support and deco control. In water, divers will work in teams to deploy the station by boat, complete a dive and return observing all safety protocols. The ascent includes various deco scenarios and demonstrations of the benefits of team deco diving. An in depth session that expands team diving potential and safety.
Visualise in 3D!
Photogrammetry allows dive teams to construct complex photo realistic 3D models of dive sites, artefacts and even complete wrecks by capturing thousands of images of the subject area from different angles. Sophisticated software then takes all these frames and generates a 3D model. Our expert instructors will show you how to work as a team to light and precisely capture the data needed to construct detailed and accurate 3D models of any dive sites or underwater object.

Cave explorer skills
Providing strong foundations for project-based diving, the new TEKCamp Survey Techniques workshop has proven very popular in recent years. Under the watchful guidance of your TEKCamp instructor, you'll learn all about the essential skills required to perform a site survey using Secchi discs and measuring tapes whilst utilising proven SeaSearch survey techniques.

Diagnose and survive!
When OC breaks it's all about gas sharing your way out of Dodge. But when CCR starts to wobble, there are many more options to diagnose and control. This session takes you into the world of 'unreliable equipment' but offers varying solutions to keep you in the game and going home safely. Normal operation, manual flight, electronics failure, SCR mode and OC switch with maybe a hint of gas sharing? All while keeping the ascent and team on track...

Discover new and exciting possibilities!
Experience the ultimate rush!
This is one diving workshop that's guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Under the watchful eye of your TEKCamp instructor, we'll introduce you to scooter diving, what you can achieve with a scooter, how they work and what the considerations are when you buy one. Naturally the highlight of this workshop is the dive itself during which you'll get to take a high performance tech diving scooter for an adrenalin-fueled dive!

Take a dive on a CCR
Rebreathers are all the rage so this is your opportunity to learn all about them and give one a try for yourself! You'll enjoy a briefing on rebreathers with specific information on the unit you will be diving. Best of all, you'll get to experience upto an hour in the water with a top rebreather instructor followed by a debrief of your dive. This is a fantastic opportunity to try rebreather diving and learn from the experts why you should consider rebreathers for your own diving!

Streamlined and low profile
Sidemount diving is becoming increasingly popular with many of the major agencies offering it as an alternative to traditional back-mounted scuba. On this fabulous workshop, you'll get to rig and dive a state of the art sidemount rig, learning the benefits of sidemount diving, and discover just how versatile this configuration can be. Discover for yourself how effortless sidemount can be - flat trim has never been easier to achieve!